The Amber Guard; A place for all men to get a second chance in life, to serve something that is beyond themselves.
Also known as the Knights of Amber, or the knights of the 4th Heaven or "The hands of the Angel" this order has many faces, and many kinds of people inhabit its ranks
Member of the Amber guard are few and far between, but highly sought after, for their right to ignore most laws and authorities as they please.
However, the purpose of the Amber Guard is, above all, the protection of the young Empress: Elisabetta Barbados. If a danger befalls her, any guard is expected to drop
everything they are doing to come protect, and in the worst cases save the queen from perils only heard about in Fairy Tales.
Anyone can become an Amber knight, thieves, nobles, beggars, merchants, murderers, thieves and anyone else that dares go through the initiation.
You are already standing in the initiation hall, together with 99 other people, willing to sacrifice everything for the chance of a new life of complete freedom.
Are you ready for this? Are you one of the chosen few that will do it. Who will become members of the Amber Guard, the Guardians of the Empress?

The Amber Guard

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