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This page will be used to give you all the information you should need to adventure in Gaia.

The Countries of Gaia
The Empire of Abel
Abel, llmora, Helenia, Dalaborn, Alberia, Galgado, Arlan, Kanon

The Azur Alliance
Togarni, Remo, Bellafonte

The Barren Icylands
Goldar, Haufman, Hendell

The Dark Lands

The Coast of Commerce
Gabriel, Phaion Eien Seimon

The Episcopal States
The Dominion, Argos

The lands of Al-Enneth
Kushistan, Estigia, Salazar

The Independent States
Nanwe, Lucrercio, Kashmir, Baho

The Eastern Lands
Lannet, Shivat

The Inner Sea

Items of Interest
Glowing Skull

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<s>Save the Innkeepers Daughter</s>
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Main Page

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